6 Supernovas Who Will Join The Luffy-Law Alliance At Wano

3. Eustass KidGreatest Supernova alliance

He is one of the Supernova pirates. He, as expected, is pretty strong and powerful. His current bounty is 470 million berries. Eustass kid possesses an unknown devil fruit which is related to magnetism. Kid is both able to attract and repel magnetic objects. Even if a cannonball is fired at him he can easily repel it towards his enemies.

This does seem to be a powerful ability but we still haven’t seen his true power yet. Also, his left arm has now been replaced by a mechanical arm, what abilities this arm provides him are still unknown. He is currently a prisoner of Kaido.new Supernova alliance In order to take his revenge, he’ll surely join hands with Trafalgar D Water Law and Monkey D Luffy. As his plans of taking out Shanks are already doomed, there is no point in trying to take him down and instead, he’ll focus on Kaido and try to defeat him with Law and Luffy’s help.

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