6 Supernovas Who Will Join The Luffy-Law Alliance At Wano

4. KillerLuffy-law

Killer is one of the Supernovas that we will surely see joining Luffy-Law alliance if Eustass Kid joins as well. He is a member of Kid Pirates and is a character who uses pretty sharp blades to thrash his opponents. Hos bounty before the time skip was 160,00,000 berries and now after the time skip his bounty is 200,000,000 berries.

There is a lot of speculation about Eustass Kid joining the Luffy-Law alliance and since he’s the member of Kid Pirates he’ll be also joining this alliance. He is a powerful combatant. He uses a pair of scythe-bladed weapons which are on his armbands and with these he is both able to attack and defend. He was able to resist attacks from a powerful former pirate Rayleigh.

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