All 6 Resurrection Techniques in Naruto

Resurrection techniques are mostly forbidden technqies due to the user paying a hefty price for it. But, they are super powerful which can make a shinobi almost undefeatable. Today I have made list containing all the known resurrection techniques.

6. Earth Release Resurrection Technique: Corpse Soil- 20160919195917
This technique is very unique as the user can revive the target in two ways. Either the user can revive a large number of people as a group of zombies, which can’t use any techniques. The other version allows the user revive an individual perfectly which can use techniques. This technique requires a large amount of energy.
5. One’s Own Life Reincarnation- 20160919174413
This technique was invented by Sunagakure’s Puppet Brigade. This technique gives all the life force of the user to the target and the chakra serves as the intermediary. This jutsu is usable on both the living and the dead. With this jutsu the user can cure a living person completely but, leaves the user greatly exhausted. However, if used on a dead person it can revive the person and ultimately kills the user.



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