All 6 Naruto Characters Who Can Use More Than 5 Nature Releases

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There are very characters in Naruto that are able to use all 5 nature releases. But, there are even lesser characters who use more than 5 natures. These characters are among the strongest in the series. So, today I have made a list about all the characters who can use more than 5 nature releases.

6. Mei Terumī- Characters Kekkei Genkai
We begin our list with the Fifth Mizukage of the Kirigakure, Mei Terumī. She possesses two types of Kekkei Genkai namely, Lava Release and Boil Release. Along with these two Nature Releases, she could four basic nature releases except the Wind Release. Overall she was able to use 6 nature releases.


  1. How abt sasuke , after gaining the rinne-sharingan , he was able to use all 5 basic nature release , plus he used inferno style , and maybe more nature release , it atleast make him the user of 6 natural release.


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