All 6 Legendary Marines In One Piece

Hey there Readers we are back with another exciting list for you guys. This time however it’s about the Legendary Marines in the One Piece. These Marines are mostly from the Rogers’s Era and have made quite the name in the World of One Piece. They are well known throughout the world. So, sit back and enjoy the list of the Legendary Marines.

6. Akainu-
legendary marines
While not from the Rogers Era or the Great Pirate Era he has made quite the reputation. According to the author, he can put an end to the Manga within a year, if Akainu was the protagonist. This goes very far to show how strong and gritty Akainu actually is. His Sense of Justice is extremely resolute regardless of the Situation. He even defeats his fellow admiral Aokiji in combat after grueling a fight with him for 10 whole days. That just shows how far he is willing to go and how much determination he actually possesses. Currently, he is the Fleet Commander of Navy after Sengoku resigned post the Marineford Arc. What made such righteous man join Navy even after seeing their shortcomings? I am sure everyone wants an answer to this question.

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