All 6 Known Yonko Crews In One Piece

Yonko crews

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back today with another one of my lists about One Piece universe. In today’s post, I will be discussing all the known Yonko crews that we have seen yet in One Piece. There are four Yonko that control the seas and these all are extremely powerful. So, without further delay let us begin.

6. Kaido’s Crew
Kaido also known as hundred beasts Kaido's crewKaido. He is one of the strongest and arguably the most durable characters in One Piece universe. We have seen him jump off from Sky Island, and then fall head straight on the ground with taking minimal damage. We don’t know much about his crewmates yet. But we know that Jack is one of his crew members. Jack has the ability of an ancient Zou Zou no Mi Model Mammoth devil fruit. He can transform into a humongous Mammoth at will. Also, Kaido was the main buyer of Smile devil fruits, we can assume that all his crew members have strong devil fruit abilities as well.

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