All 6 Known Pseudo-Jinchuuriki In Naruto

All those Characters who don’t actually have the Tailed Beast sealed into them, but can still use their powers are known as Pseudo-Jinchuuriki.
This concept was also inexistent in the manga, while the anime has thrown a lot of light into it.
Here are all 6 Pseudo-Jinchuuriki that we’ve seen in Naruto.
Let’s begin—

6. The Gold and Silver Brothers
The Gold and Silver Brothers were a great asset to Kumogakure. They once fought the Nine Tails, and were devoured. However, they began feeding on its flesh and blood from the inside, which made him throw them up. Since then, they had access to the abilities of the Nine Tails Chakra. A, the Raikage, explained that they only survived because they were distant relatives of the Sage of Six Paths.


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