Haki is the life force that is found in every living being in One Piece. It is the most important thing, if a person wants to survive in the One Piece world, or to be more specific, in the New World. The concept of Haki was first introduced at Amazon Lily, and was later thoroughly explained by Silvers Rayleigh. There are a total of six Haki types in One Piece right now, and in today’s list I will be talking about these six Haki types.
Let’s begin –

6. Armament Haki
Haki types
Armament Haki is one of the basic Haki types, and it is found in almost every single person who has awakened Haki in One Piece. This type of Haki is used for offensive and defensive purposes. Armament Haki is used to enhance damage output of an attack, and it can strengthen the defense of any person. There are two way in which a person can use Armament Haki. First is by creating an invisible armor around ones body which can’t be seen by anyone. This was first revealed by Sentomaru on Sabaody Archipelago during his fight with Luffy.
Second way is called Koka, with which a person can coat their body parts. This was first shown after the Timeskip. This form of Haki is visible to a person, and its color is black. Armament Haki is an important asset in battle, and when two Haki users are fighting, it boils down to the person who has the stronger Armament Haki.



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