The 6 Flying Fighters Of Kaido And Their Devil Fruit Abilities – Explained

flying fighters of Kaido

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing what the possible devil fruit abilities of the 6 Flying Fighters of Kaido can be. We already know that these are the 6 most powerful headliners of Yonko Kaido, and they’re directly working under the Disasters. They are likely very powerful and we’ve yet to see more than two of the members of this group. There could be a similar trait among all these top 6 headliners, and we’ll be discussing that today.

Let’s begin this post regarding the devil fruits of 6 flying fighters of Kaido

It was revealed in One Piece chapter 929 that these 6 flying fighters exist. We got to know who two among these six are. One is X Drake and the other one is Page One. We know all about X Drake and his life, how he became a pirate and before that was a marine and now is serving under yonko Kaido.
flying fighters of Kaido
But we don’t have any information regarding Page One except the details regarding his devil fruit. It seems that the one thing common between them is they both have ancient zoan type devil fruits. This could mean that all of these 6 flying fighters have this class of devil fruits. So, let’s discuss these six known and unknown devil fruits.

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