Top 6 Devil Fruits That Are Unique In One Piece

1. Tama Tama no Mi

Tama Tama no Mi is an unclassified Devil Fruit which was introduced at Whole Cake Island arc. This Devil Fruit is eaten by Baron Tamago who is a combatant of the Big Mom Pirates. It allows it’s user to change his body into two forms which are Viscount Hiyoko, and then Count Niwatori after Viscount Hiyoko is defeated.

This Devil Fruit is said to be unique as it has the properties of all three Devil Fruit types, it allows its user to regenerate their body, When he is killed in any of his stages, he then becomes an egg yolk which gives him the properties of a Logia Devil Fruit and last but not the least it also turns the user’s body into an animal. Because of these reasons, he deserves to be on this list.

Which one of these unique Devil Fruits is the strongest?

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