Top 6 Devil Fruits That Are Unique In One Piece

2. Mochi Mochi no Mi

Mochi Mochi no Mi is a Special Paramecia type of Devil Fruit which is first of it’s kind to be shown in the One Piece World for now. This Devil Fruit was first shown at Whole Cake Island arc during the tea party. The user of this Devil Fruit is Charlotte Katakuri who is the second Strongest member of the Big Mom Pirates.

This Devil Fruit allows its user to generate and manipulate Mochi at will. This Devil Fruit can also be used to trap the opponents because of the stickiness of the Mochi and it is nearly impossible to escape from it. Mochi Mochi no Mi is classified as a Special Paramecia type of Devil Fruit and is one of its kind. It was first said by Oda that Katakuri’s Devil Fruit is a Special Paramecia during an SBS.



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