All 6 Characters Who Know About Ancient Weapon Pluton

Pluton is one of the three Ancient Weapons in One Piece. It was the first Weapon of its kind to be shown in the series. Pluton is capable of large-scale destruction, and whoever possesses it is said to have the power to rule the world. This ancient weapon’s location is still unknown, but some of the people know about it’s existence.
So, today I have made a list of all those people who know about this Ancient Weapon Pluton.

6. Strawhats Pirates
Strawhat Pirates are the crew which is led by their captain Monkey D. Luffy. This Pirate Crew came from East Blue. When Strawhat Pirates were in Alabasta, they came to know about the existence of the Ancient Weapon, Pluton. These events unraveled as Sir Crocodile planned to wipe out Alabasta, and Nico Robin ultimately joined their crew. However, they didn’t find the location of the Poneglyph, which later got buried at Alabasta itself.


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