5 Weakness of Devil Fruits Users In One Piece

Dragon's right man hand

There are three types of Devil Fruits in the world. These are- Paramecia, Logia and Zoan; all these Devil Fruits grant unimaginable powers to the wielder. Despite their power, almost all the devil fruits have weaknesses. So, today I have made a list of 5 weakness of Devil Fruits.

5. Standing Water
Devil Fruits
You might wonder why i have written “Standing Water”, it is because water affects a Devil Fruit User when water is stagnant. It was stated by Oda every type of water even the water surrounding Skypiea effects a Devil Fruit user as long as it’s not moving like rain, waves etc. Another example is when Zou shower the sea water you can clearly see Luffy was not effected by the sea water. Moreover, Oda also told that until the Devil Fruit user is knee deep in water then only will they become immobilized. Also, if any part of user’s body is submerged in water then he/she cannot use their ability. However, if the user’s body has been permanently altered by the Fruit, then the user’s ability can be manipulated by outside sources.


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