All 5 Users of Rinnegan ranked by their Powers

Rinnegan, literally meaning Samsara Eye, is the strongest of the three Dōjutsu. It can be awakened by mixing the chakra of Indra and Asura, in order to reproduce the Chakra of Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki himself. Here’s a list of the strongest Rinnegan Users in Naruto. —
5. Obito Uchiha
We begin our list with Obito Uchiha. After Nagato’s death, Obito took his Rinnegan and implanted one in his left eye socket. He would’ve implanted the other too, but it proved to be too much for him. Despite gaining great powers, Obito’s control of the Rinnegan is shown to be limited. He did not use any of the Six Paths Techniques. All that Obito used was the Outer Path statue to restrain the Tailed beasts. Obito also used the Six Paths of Pain, just like Nagato. He used the Reincarnated Jinchuuriki and put their Tailed Beasts back into them. Obito had full control over them. These Six Paths did not show any of the abilities of the Rinnegan because it took Obito a lot of strength to just control the Six Paths and maintain control over their Tailed Beats.


  1. List is inaccurate a little.

    5: Obito – (Madara’s eye, didn’t have it for very long)

    4: Nagato – (Madara’s eyes had it since he was a child and showed mastery of it despite being a Uchiha)

    3: Sasuke – (We have no idea if just because he have 6 tomoe-Rinnegan, means it’s stronger than regular Rinnegan, but since Hagoromo doesn’t have the tomoe in either of his 3 eyes AND was the one to give Sasuke the Rinnegan, we can assume that Tomoe Rinnegan is an incomplete version of the regular rinnegan or if not, then Kishi ((The writer)) just wants Sasuke to look unique)

    2: Madara – (He have 2 Rinnegans and can use Limbo + is more experienced with it)

    1: Hagoromo – (Obv reasons)

  2. lol .Sasuke’s rinnegan is weak as shit .if sasuke overuse it the tomoes will fade out and it needs a lot of time to charge back before he could use it again .sasuke can only use one sixpath techniques at a time (can spam the hell out of it like nagato ). This is my opinion :
    2. Madara (of course .even rinnegan sasuke and naruto with sixpaths power put together cant beat him .There is no way Sasuke can beat him alone)
    3. Sasuke
    5.Obito (he cant even use it .shouldn’t be on the list anyway .lol)

    • That’s your opinion. But Sasuke’s Rinnegan isn’t weak. I’m not assessing the User’s here. Of course Madara is way stronger than Sasuke. I’m assessing the Rinnegan ability. Sasuke’s tomoes represent his Mangekyo Sharingan techniques. Madara has to deactivate his Rinnegan to use the Mangekyo Sharingan. Sasuke’s Rinnegan can do everything Madara’s can plus it has TWO Space-Time Ninjutsu, one that teleports him, and the other that gives him access to any planet, and even the six dimensions of Kaguya. That is just too OP. He was also able to put all 9 Bijuu under Rinnegan Genjutsu, and the most amazing feat was that he was able to completely absorb and mix the Tailed Beasts Chakra into his Susanoo to make it a perfect Vessel. if I remember correctly, Kurama compared his skill to Hagoromo’s himself. I don’t think there’s a higher praise than that. But of course, opinions differ and I respect yours.

  3. NIce list but Nagato can use all six paths at once. Madara’s Rinnegan just granted him limbo and he wasn’t as good at using it. Obito was utter trash at using the Rinnegan, so he should be in last. Then Sasuke’s Rinnegan is OP and he achieves full mastery of it after the 4th ninja war. So, Sage of Six Paths, Saskue,Nagato,Madara,and Obito.


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