Top 5 Biggest Superpowers in One Piece

We’ve seen several superpowers in One Piece. These superpowers are the strongest organizations that we’ve seen so far and we’ve decided to make a list out of it.
So let’s begin —

5. Shichibukai
We begin our list with the Shichibukai, aka, The Seven Warlord of the Sea. This group contains dangerous Pirates from all over the One Piece world who are appointed by the World Government. People can request to join the Shichibukai, and in return, they have to pledge their loyalty to The World Government.

The Pirate who becomes a Shichibukai has his/her bounty frozen. They are permitted to do anything and in exchange they have to come in time of help, whenever they are called upon. They are one of superpowers that balance the power in One Piece World.


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