All 5 Shinobi Nations Ranked According To Their Overall Power

In Naruto, there are Five Great Shinobi Nations. These Five Nations dominate the entire lands. But, in order to become powerful, a country requires both military power and money. So, with keeping this in mind, I have ranked the Five Great Shinobi Nations according to their military strength and economy.

NOTE: This list is set before the 4th Great Ninja War.
5. Sunagakure-
We begin the list with Sunagakure. Suna is also known as the Village Hidden in the Sand. It is located in the Land of Wind. The head of Sunagakure is known as the Kazekage. Sunagakure is surrounded by sand and large rocks, which makes it very difficult for enemies to enter. But, because of this particular reason, Suna has a below average economy. Sunagakure used to have the One Tails but, it was lost to the Akatsuki.


  1. Dude you missed the biggest fact that they have nine-tails and rinnegan which account into the factor and even the jounin,when form a team are the most formidable group that can take on anything Naruto coupled with shikamaru took down the fricking moon and supposedly kirigakure is strongest? Only bee justifies the statement but either Naruto or sasuke can take him down like a piece of cake due to six paths chakra

    • Again, this is not my ranking, but the third Databook’s, and it is set during the time of Itachi’s death. So Neither is Naruto a perfect Jinchuuriki, nor is Sasuke a member of Konoha.


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