5 Powers That Sanji Will Gain In Wano Arc

2. Rankyakusanji
We have already seen Rankyaku technique in One Piece. It is said to be one of the six techniques of Rokushiki. This is a technique in which the user starts kicking at super speed and strength and is able to send out a blade of compressed air which is as sharp as legendary swords and is able to slice almost anything.

It is possible that Vinsmoke Sanji uses the tempest kicks and combines them with Diable Jambe to create a fiery kicks which send extremely hot compressed air.sanji It won’t just be able to slice the objects in half but also it will be able to burn anything it goes through. And Sanji won’t have to be close to his target but can use this technique from quite a range. Also, he can use this technique multiple times and not just only once.

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