5 Powers That Sanji Will Gain In Wano Arc

3. Black Flamesvinsmoke Sanji
We all have seen Vinsmoke Sanji’s Diable Jambe technique. It is a technique by which Sanji is able to heat up his leg so much that it it lights up on fire. Adding this extreme heat to his attacks, the impact of his attacks in increased vastly. Sanji can even burn his opponents with just one kick using this technique.

Now, what will Sanji’s Black Flames technique be? Well, in my opinion after Sanji starts to use Armament Haki properly he’ll easily be able to add Armament Haki to his Diable Jambe attacks. sanji Diable jambeIt is possible that the red flames of Diable Jambe will be replaced by Black Flames and this will we awesome to watch. It is possible that Vinsmoke Sanji will be able to use this power-up in Wano Country war only as he can use it as soon as he uses his Armament Haki blackening.

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