5 Powers That Sanji Will Gain In Wano Arc

4. Future Sight Hakifuture sight haki sanji
In the Whole Cake Island we were introduced to the concept of future sight Haki. We also saw the Charlotte Katakuri who has this ability of just seeing slightly ahead in future. He got this ability because he has trained his observation Haki so rigorously and because of that he was able to look moments into the future.

Also, know Monkey D Luffy has this ability as well. He got this ability while fighting Charlotte Katakuri himself. sanji powers wanoThere are numerous facts suggesting that Sanji will be the most advanced user of observation Haki among the Strawhats, and though he has shown signs of using observation Haki we don’t know how well he can use it. I’m almost certain that due to Sanji’s rigorous use of Observation Haki in Wano war he’ll be able to use future sight Haki as well.

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