5 One Piece Marines Who Became Pirates

1. Donquixote Rosinante

Donquixote Rosinante was also known as “Corazon”. He became a marine when he was very young, and also was trained by Sengoku himself.

Corazon later infiltrated the Donquixote Pirates, and he met Law there. Law greatly admired Corazon. Later, Corazon saved Law’s life and was killed by Doflamingo.

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  1. aokiji is not a member of BB pirates…the member of BB pirates is the former warden of impel down.. i think he is also ah former marine/navy

  2. I just have a question, about X Drake. When we saw Law’s past on Swallow Island he was there, as a young boy. Just a few years older than Law at the time. And his father was the leader/in the gang of the Barrels Pirates that currently had the ope ope no mi! And later on, after Doflamingo had made the birdcage he fled from the bandits, being just outside and the bandits inside.
    So my point being, wasn’t he actually a bandit, or something like that, before he became a marine and lastly a pirate? And I’m aware that he was the boy the marines took in, and Doffy and the family thought that boy was Law. And thus X Drake assumably became a marine before he became a pirate.


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