5 One Piece Characters Who Know About The Ancient Weapon Poseidon

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The Ancient Weapon Poseidon is one of the three great weapons in One Piece. It hold the power to communicate and control the Sea Kings. Currently, Shirahoshi is the wielder of this power. Her powers have been kept secret and only handful of people know about this. So, today I have made a list of people who know about Poseidon.

NOTE: Only those who know of Shirahoshi’s existence as Poseidon have been included.

5. Neptune Family

The Neptune Family rules the Fishmen Island, and King Neptune is the current ruler. The members of this family knew about the story of Poseidon, and according to them, this ability has been passed down the Ryugu Kingdom’s Royal family. Queen Otohime was also the member of this family and also she knew about Poseidon.

When she saw Shirahoshi’s cry summoned the sea kings, she then realized her daughter was Poseidon. Otohime then told her three son about Shirahoshi’s power, and they swore to protect their dear sister. King Neptune didn’t know about Shirahoshi, but later, this secret revealed by Nico Robin.


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