5 Characters Who Protected Konoha From The Shadows

Konoha has always had a protector in a Hokage. He is the one who leads them, and defends them at the same time. But, there are some who protect the village from threats from the shadows. These Shinobi are just as great a Shinobi as a the Hokage himself.
Today, I’ve made a list of 5 shinobi who protected Konoha from the shadows.
Let’s begin—
5. Hizashi Hyuga
During the Hyuga Affair, Hiashi killed a head ninja of Kumogakure to save his daughter, Hinata. Kumogakure asked for Hiashi’s body in return, as they wanted to explore the secrets of the Byakugan. The elders suggested Hizashi’s body be used instead, to which he agreed. Despite protests from his brother, Hizashi was dead set on protecting his brother, an averting war.

He succeeded in doing so. Nobody, except the high ranking Konoha officials, knew of his sacrifice; not even Neji until he came of age.


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