5 Characters That Might Possess “D” In Their Name

“D” is a bloodline that is found in people that have the initial “D” in their names. There are only nine characters that have been revealed as the members of this bloodline. In the future some characters might be introduced in the series that might belong to the same bloodline that might possesses bloodline of “D”. So, I have made a list of
5 Characters That Might Possess “D” In Their Names.

5. Shanks
Shanks is the captain of the Red Hair Pirates and is one of the Yonkō. He was an apprentice of Roger. The reason for Shanks would be a “D” is because he is one of the four Yonkō, he was also Gol D. Roger’s apprentice. He is an extremely good swordsman, possesses conqueror’s Haki. Moreover, his full name hasn’t been revealed yet.


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