5 Characters Who Could’ve Been Indra’s Reincarnates

Indra Ōtsutsuki was the elder son of the Sage of Six Paths. He was born with immense talent. Because of the conflict between him and his younger brother, Asura, his soul continued to transmigrate until the feud was settled once and for all by Naruto and Sasuke.
Previously, i did a list about possible Asura’s Reincarnates, today, I’ll be doing a list of possible indra’s Reincarnates in Naruto.
Note: This list isn’t based on whether an Indra’s reincarnate carries Uchiha Bloodline or not, instead, I’m going for people who fit the personality of Indra better.
Let’s begin—

5. Danzo Shimura
Danzo Shimura was a student of the Second Hokage. He had a sort of a rivalry against Hiruzen Sarutobi, in a similar manner to that between Indra and Asura. While Hiruzen was light, Danzo was shadow. He never believed that love was the key to peace, unlike Hiruzen. Danzo also took care of all the dirty work that Konoha had to do, which is why he was installed as the head of Konohagakure’s Root ANBU. Danzo perfectly fits the profile of Indra Ōtsutsuki.


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