5 Characters Who Are Faster Than Naruto Uzumaki

Over the years, we’ve seen many fast Shinobi in Naruto. Some faster than the others. Naruto Uzumaki, particularly, was one of the fastest shinobi around, by the end of the series.
However, there were a couple who were faster than he was. Today, I’ve named all 5 Characters who could out-pace Naruto Uzumaki.
Let’s begin—

5. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha was always faster than Naruto. Even after Naruto received the powers of the Six Paths Sage Mode, Sasuke was faster, since he gained the Rinnegan. An ability of this Rinnegan is Amenotejikara, which allows him to instantly teleport over short distances, which makes him faster than light. It’s range can be increased if swapped with other objects.


  1. Impossible the 2nd and 4th hokages are not as faster as naruto that is just impossible cus he is way faster than the raikage without six paths powers and now he is much faster and the only way sasuke is on this list is cus of his rinnegan abilities

  2. Hello.. The list is all wrong no shinobi is faster than naruto when it comes to speed 4th hokage minato is the only shinobi that can catch on with naruto if he runs.

    • When it comes to natural speed, yes, Naruto is close to being the fastest. However, every user of teleportation is faster than him.

      • If you say so that means you underestimate naruto alot. But first do you know minato i faster than tobirama and 4 raikage is as fast as minato tobirama was the fastest guy in his era but now naruto leads in speed battle. Check out naruto shippuden episode 283. And obito kamui is very fast check out episode 248 to to confirm he was able to catch up with minato when he teleported out of the village but minato was still superior. When you check out episode 283 take not of naruto movement he was just running like he usually does but he was able to dodge 4th raikage lighting teleportation

        • I don’t underestimate him. Naruto is very very fast. However, every user of teleportation is faster. It’s simple. You can’t outrun teleportation. It’s instantaneous travel. It’s faster than light. If you talk about natural speed, Naruto definitely is one of the fastest since he was able to dodge Madara’s Senpō Ranton Kōga, which is light speed.

    • He is in 8th Gate. Madara and Naruto have the same powers, ie, Six Paths Senjutsu, and Six Paths Yang Powers. Guy was easily able to overwhelm Madara and was way faster than him. It’s obvious he’s faster than Naruto.


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