5 Characters Who Deserve To Die In One Piece

There are some characters in One Piece that have cruel nature and also do not care about anyone but themselves. All the One Piece fans always wants those characters to be dealt away with. So, today I have made a list of 5 Characters who deserve to die. This list is purely based on my own opinion. You can comment your own below!

5. Don Kreig
One Piece
Don Kreig was the Captain of Kreig Pirates. He was the main antagonist of Baratie arc. Kreig was a ruthless man and could do anything to win even if it meant deceiving and backstabbing.

He didn’t even care about the lives of his crew mates. Krieg was alao very disrespectful of someone who juat saved his life. He attacked the very place that saved him from starvation. Moreover, he will kill anyone who stands between him and his goal.


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