5 Characters Who Can Defeat Kaido

Kaido is one of the Yonkō that rule over the New World. He is the captain of the Beast Pirates and was first introduced after the events at Dressros. He has been captured and has been sentenced to death many times. But, he has survived it every single time. But, there are some people who can defeat him. So, today I have made a list of people who can defeat Kaido.

5. Sakazuki
Sakazuki is also known as “Akainu” and also is the new Fleet Admiral of the Marines. He possesses a Logia type of Devil Fruit called Magu Magu no Mi, which allows him to turn, create and control Magma. He can also use Armament and Observational Haki. Akainu was also the only one who brutally injured Whitebeard, and Blackbeard didn’t want to fight Akainu. Moreover, he even fought with all the Whitebeard Division Commander alone at Marineford.


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