3rd Generation of the Five Kage ranked by their strength

A Kage is the leader of the Ninja Village within the Five Great Shinobi Countries. Together, all five of them are known as Gokage (Literally meaning the Five Kage). A Kage is also the villages most powerful Shinobi.
Today, I’m going to rank the 3rd Generation of the Five Kage, by their strength.
Let’s begin—
5. Third Mizukage
Okay, so we begin the list with the Third Mizukage. Before becoming a Kage himself, he accompanied the First Mizukage to the first ever Five Kage Summit. Later, he donned the outfit of the Mizukage himself. The Third Mizukage was probably one of the longest serving Kage, as the fourth, Yagura, was recently elected. Much of his ability remains unknown, but the fact that he was elected a Kage proves that he was an able Shinobi. To date, he remains one of the most successful Mizukage that the mist has seen.


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