3 New Users of Conqueror’s Haki Revealed In Wano Country

Now, the third among the new users of Conqueror’s Haki in One Piece is none other than Kaido himself. It is obvious that Kaido will have this amazing power since Yonko Commander level characters have this power, aside from the Admirals.
Kaido Conqueror's Haki
They don’t hold this power, because they’re not free to begin with, and thus they don’t have the qualities of a King. So, it is evident that all four yonko have this ability to use King’s Haki.

Kaido is the user of mythical zoan type devil fruit dragon. He is the most durable character in the world of One Piece because of his insane zoan type dragon devil fruit.
Kaido's dragon form
Kaido’s powers seem to be immeasurable and unmatchable as one after other new powers of Kaido are being revealed and all of them are jaw-dropping. Even though it is not confirmed that Kaido has Conqueror’s Haki but it is obvious now by the statement he made. Kaido is simply awesome, and we just cannot get enough of him.

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