All 13 Users Of The Kamehameha Technique

The Kamehameha would have to be the most well known technique and signature move above all the others in the Dragon Ball Franchise.

Originally it took Master Roshi over 50 years to create and master the technique, which he then passed down to his pupils.

However, the technique is not only limited to those who have trained under the great Master Roshi and has been used by a total of 12 others since it was first introduced in Dragon ball.

Here below I have devised a list of all the known users of the Kamehameha, which we have so far seen throughout Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

And yes I am leaving out GT from the list, as it is no longer cannon, so Shenron, Pan and Uub were left out.


  1. Master Roshi:

To start with we have to put Master Roshi on top, as he was the creator of the Kamehameha and also funnily enough the person who took the longest to master it.


  1. Son Goku

Literally learnt the technique mid-way through Master Roshi was trying to explain how long and how much dedication it will take for him to learn the Kamehameha.


He only needed to see it once and now after many years of fighting and training this is Goku’s favourite and signature techniques.


He even has the ability to shoot it out of his feet, but we only ever see that once during his fight against Piccolo in the 23rd Martial Arts Tournament.


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