12 Most Powerful Haki Users In One Piece

All right fellows today we are gonna reveal another list on powerful Haki Users. Thanks to current Manga chapters we have some new changes to the list. Do note this list only has information on character who have shown their Haki Abilities. In fact several of the other Yonko crews like those of BlackBeard, Red Hair Pirates and Beast Pirates are yet to  show their true strength. Since we don’t have any data we haven’t mention or given any ranks to them. Also most of these characters have Awakened Haki. Do note that this list is strictly based on portrayal of character. Whatever level the author has portray on those basis we have written this very list. So the ranking is subject to change to further changes in rankings.

12. Charlotte Crackerpowerful haki

A member of Big Mom’s Pirate crew, the 10th son of Big Mom’s family Thousand Hand Cracker isn’t someone to mess with. In fact He dominates Luffy in their encounter for most of the fight. However Luffy literally blows him away with a tactically ingenious idea. He too possesses both haki Kenboushoku Haki and Buoshoku Haki. However his specialty is Buoshoku or the armament Haki. In fact he actually breaks Luffy’s Buoshoku haki in his fourth gear in one instance. While his prowess with other Haki is Marginal nevertheless he deserves a mention in the list.

11. Sabo

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Sabo is actually Luffy’s long presumed dead brother. Luffy,Sabo and Ace actually drink Sake together to become brothers. He is also the Number 2 and Chief of the Staff of Revolutionary Army. Till now Sabo has shown masterful use of both Buoshoku and Kenbuoshoku Haki. It’s unknown whether he has awaken it to the next level. But we will see how his character development takes place in the near future.

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