The 11 Supernova Ranked By Their Strength

Hey everyone! The 11 Supernova were the Pirates who arrived on Sabaody Archipelago with a bounty of over 100,000,000 before the Paramount War.
Today we will rank the 11 Supernova by their power levels before the time skip.

Warning: List may have spoilers.

11. Capone Bege
Capone “Gang” Bege takes the 11th spot in our list. He is the Captain of the Firetank Pirates and has a bounty of 138,000,000 beris. He has a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit, Shiro Shiro no Mi, which allows him to carry his crew inside his body.

10. Killer –
Also known as the “Massacre Soldier”, Killer takes the 10th spot on our list. He is a subordinate of Eustass Kidd and has a bounty of 162,000,000 Beris on his head. He weilds a pair of Scythe like blades attached to his arm with which he can do immense damage.


  1. Okay this is about Roanoa Zoro there’s no doubt he should be in this but how about Sanji because he is also of taking on CP9 and more if you ask me they are complete equals.


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