10 Yonko Level One Piece Characters – 2018

8. Monkey D Garp one piece yonko level
Monkey D Garp is known as the hero of the marines. He has rejected promotions various times. He is known to have tremendous physical strength. Garp could even dent Chinjao’s Haki enhanced drill-shaped head, which was powerful enough to split the Jewel Ice Sheet. Garp is also a very powerful user of various types of Haki. He has also dealt with Rox in the past, and that’s how he has earned the title of Garp the Hero.

7. Shikiyonko level
He is the first ever person to escape from Impel Down. Shiki is known as the flying pirate. He has the power of Fuwa Fuwa no Mi devil fruit which allows him the ability to make anything float in the air just by a mere touch. He is the only remaining big-name pirate from Roger’s generation as both Whitebeard and Roger are dead. He is certainly on Yonko level. Shiki had the largest fleet in the New World prior to the system of the Yonko, and he was arguably the most powerful out of them all.

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