10 Yonko Level One Piece Characters – 2018

Yonko level

Hey you all! Hope you all are ready for today’s list about One Piece universe. In this list, I’ll be discussing the characters who on Yonko level. There are 4 Yonko who control the seas they are supremely powerful and there are some characters who are almost on the same level as them. In this list, we’ll be discussing all the characters who are on their level, or at least close to it. So, without further delay let us begin.

10. Akainuyonko level characters
Sakazuki or Akainu is the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines. He’s very powerful. To become fleet Admiral he defeated Kuzan who indeed is very powerful as well. He has the power of Magu Magu no Mi devil fruit, which allows him to turn his body into magma and being a logia type fruit user he can produce an infinite amount of magma at will.

9. Sengokuyonko level one piece
He’s the formal Fleet Admiral. Sengoku has the power of Hito Hito no Mi model Daibutsu. It allows the user to transform into Daibutsu, that is a giant Buddha statue, at will. When Blackbeard fought Sengoku at Marineford, it took him two devil fruits to match Sengoku’s power.

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