Top 10 Unanswered Questions In One Piece

Hey guys! We know One Piece is filled with many questions we don’t have an answer to. We, fans are waiting for Oda to reveal them. So today we bring to you 10 unanswered questions in the One Piece world. Enjoy!

10. What happened during the Void Century?
We begin our list with the Void Century. We know that The World Government erased 100 years of history from the face of the world. It was stated by the historians of Ohara that their was a kingdom that in the Void Century once was extremely powerful. It was facing it’s extinction and hence they inscribed their ideals and knowledge on Poneglyphs and entrusted them to future generations. What happened during those 100 years still remains unknown.

9. What is the Will of D?
The Will of D, these words are have been said by many characters in One Piece. We don’t know much about it but someone who possess “D” in their name, possesses the Will of D. The World Government seem rather wary of the people who are “D”.


  1. Nice list of questions, but I think the last question has been answered by the Dark Lord Silver Reyleigh. The pirate King found try he One Piece and found out what happened in the void century. But then he found out that he had a dangerous disease and he was about to die in a couple of months. So he decided to surrender. But it was a plan, he knew all of the world was listening to him. So he said the selected words to start the pirate era. He knew that someone will take up that will of D. And continue his war. And we all know who it is. Monkey D. Luffy.


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