10 Things You Should Know About Big Mom Pirates

Big Mom Pirates

Big Mom Pirates are one of the Four most powerful Pirate Crews in the New World. Yonko, Big Mom is the leader of this Pirate Crew. So, here are 10 things you should know about this fearsome Pirate Crew.

10. While Big Mom is known for sending gruesome presents to those who refuse to go to her tea parties, she has ironically been sent one of her own, courtesy of Luffy: the Tamatebako box, which the Minister of the Right has rigged to explode if anyone tries opening it, though Luffy was not made aware of this until after he had given away the box to Pekoms and Tamago, thinking it would appease Big Mom.
Big Mom Pirates
9. The theme of this crew is that of the works of fairy tales and fantasy fiction.
Additionally, associated groups and locations share the crew theme:
1. Some of the crew captain’s family.
2. Parts of the crew main territory in the New World.


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