10 Things To Expect From The Wano Country Arc

Wano Country

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. I’m back here with an interesting list regarding One Piece universe. In this list, I’ll be discussing the 10 things that we should expect from Wano Country arc. As we know this long-awaited arc has finally begun in One Piece chapter 909. We all are excited about what we will see in the coming weeks. So, here are the things you should be excited to see in future.

10. Kaido’s Powers kaido wano
We all know that Kaido is going to be in the Wano Country arc for sure as he is expected to go on an all-out war against the Strawhat Pirates and the other Supernova. So, far we have only seen his insane durability and nothing else. So, we’ll get to his true powers in this new arc. Also, he is expected to have to powers of mythical devil fruit so let’s and see he has one or not.

9. Big Mom Pirates  big Mom Pirates wano
Recently, we saw Big Mom and Kaido argue over who will get to kill Monkey D Luffy. They both seem to want to kill him desperately. So, it is well possible that we will get to see Big Mom Pirates including our favorite character, Charlotte Katakuri make a return in Wano Country arc. We all hope that Katakuri joins the Strawhat Grand Fleet at the end of this arc.

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