Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of the top 10 strongest Rinnegan jutsu in Naruto history. Rinnegan is one of the strongest ever dōjutsu and in my opinion, it is only behind the Rinne Sharingan in terms of might. It allows the user the gateway to a lot of powerful abilities and out of all those abilities I’ve chosen the top 10 strongest Rinnegan jutsu.

Let’s begin the list of top 10 strongest Rinnegan jutsu in Naruto History

10. Rinne Tensei
Rinnegan Jutsu
Rinne Tensei is one of the odd abilities of Rinnegan. I say odd because it does not cause destruction like the other abilities of Rinnegan. Using this ability the user of the Rinnegan can bring back anyone back to life who has died. But in return, the user loses his life. We saw when Nagato restored the life of the likes of Kakashi Hatake during the Pain Invasion arc and died in the end.

9. Six Paths of Pain
The Rinnegan user can use this ability via six different bodies. He can transmit his chakra to these bodies through black rods which are known as receivers. The thing that makes this technique formidable that each body can use a six paths ability. Nagato Uzumaki destroyed the whole of Konohagakure using this ability.

8. Shinra Tensei
Rinnegan abilities
Shinra Tensei is one of the abilities of Rinnegan using which its user can easily push any damn thing away. It becomes more powerful when the user of the technique has more chakra reserves left and vice versa. Nagato Uzumaki was able to destroy the whole village using this technique in case of Konohagakure.

7. Chibaku Tensei
Rinnegan abilities
Chibaku Tensei is another super powerful ability that all Rinnegan users can use. While using this ability the user is able to create a centre of gravity right where the target is. Then materials are attracted towards the target and all big and small rocks make up a small heavenly body inside which the target is sealed away.

6. Demonic Statue Chains
Rinnegan jutsu
This is another awesome and super strong ability of Rinnegan. Using this ability one can manifest huge chakra chains. Now, these are no ordinary chains as they are able to easily suppress the strength of any creature. It was seen during the fourth great war that these chains even suppressed all the nine tailed beasts at once.

5. Amenotejikara
Adult Sasuke Uchiha
This is a power that only Sasuke’s Rinnegan can perform. It is simply a power that nobody can defend against. Using this ability Sasuke Uchiha can swap places with any of the objects and living beings that are around. In other words, he can exchange places with any sort of matter. This ability came in handy when Momoshiki was killed. Using this ability Sasuke swapped his Chidori with a blade and destroyed Momoshiki’s Rinnegan.

4. Sasuke’s Space-time Ninjutsu
Sasuke Shinden novel
This is another ability that we have just seen Sasuke Uchiha perform. Using this ability Sasuke Uchiha is able to travel to any dimension he wants to. We do not know how many dimensions there are in the NarutoVerse but, it is obvious he can travel to each one of them. He travelled to Kaguya Otsutsuki’s dimension with ease. Also, using this ability he can even travel to any part of Earth without having to tire his legs. On top of that, he can carry others with him to different dimensions as well.

3. Limbo Clones
Rinnegan abilities
This is the special ability of Madara Uchiha’s Rinnegan. Madara was able to project invisible shadows of himself which can be used both defensively and offensively. With both Rinnegan, Madara was able to make up to four invisible shadows of himself. These shadows can only be sensed by those with either Six Paths Sage Chakra and can be seen with another Rinnegan.

2. Tengai Tensei
Strongest Rinnegan
Tengai Tensei is a pretty scary jutsu that Madara was seen performing during the fourth great war. This jutsu allows the user to summon humongous meteors from the atmosphere of the Earth to any specific location the user wants to. Mainly the user summons it to destroy his target of course.

1. Indra’s Arrow
This is a technique we have seen Indra Otsutsuki and Sasuke Uchiha perform. When Sasuke absorbed the chakra of Naruto Uzumaki using his Rinnegan. Then Sasuke was able to use this chakra by merging with his Susano’o. Sasuke then uses his bow and arrow of Susano’o to throw this ultra-powerful arrow that is infused with insane chakra towards his opponents. This is simply a devastating technique.

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