Top 10 Strongest Rinnegan Jutsu In Naruto History

Rinnegan jutsu

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be discussing a list of the top 10 strongest Rinnegan jutsu in Naruto history. Rinnegan is one of the strongest ever dōjutsu and in my opinion, it is only behind the Rinne Sharingan in terms of might. It allows the user the gateway to a lot of powerful abilities and out of all those abilities I’ve chosen the top 10 strongest Rinnegan jutsu.

Let’s begin the list of top 10 strongest Rinnegan jutsu in Naruto History

10. Rinne Tensei
Rinnegan Jutsu
Rinne Tensei is one of the odd abilities of Rinnegan. I say odd because it does not cause destruction like the other abilities of Rinnegan. Using this ability the user of the Rinnegan can bring back anyone back to life who has died. But in return, the user loses his life. We saw when Nagato restored the life of the likes of Kakashi Hatake during the Pain Invasion arc and died in the end.

9. Six Paths of Pain
The Rinnegan user can use this ability via six different bodies. He can transmit his chakra to these bodies through black rods which are known as receivers. The thing that makes this technique formidable that each body can use a six paths ability. Nagato Uzumaki destroyed the whole of Konohagakure using this ability.

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