Top 10 Strongest Characters Faced By Luffy

Faced by Luffy

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well. In this post, I’ll be talking about the top 10 strongest characters faced by Luffy. Over the years, we have seen some very strong characters that have played the role of villains. All the characters in this list are extraordinarily strong, and all of them have given Monkey D Luffy a hard time and made him surpass his limits.

Let’s begin the list of top 10 strongest characters faced by Luffy

10. Crocodile
faced by Luffy
Crocodile is a former Schichibukai. He was introduced in the Alabasta arc. Crocodile almost destroyed the land of Alabasta but this land was saved by Monkey D Luffy. Crocodile has a devil fruit ability which makes him turn his body into sand. He might be the user of an awakened devil fruit because he was seen turning the ground into sand. Luffy was first defeated by him, but ultimately, Luffy managed to defeat him. He is one of the strongest characters faced by Luffy.

9. Rob Lucci
Luffy's Strongest opponent
Rob Lucci was introduced in the Water Seven arc. He was revealed as a member of CP-9. Rob Lucci was a pretty powerful character. He gave Luffy a pretty hard time. It was against Rob Lucci that Monkey D Luffy, for the first time, used his gear third, and second. Using these gears, he was able to defeat Rob Lucci. Their fight is widely regarded as one of the best fights in the entire series.

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