Top 10 Strongest Characters In Boruto Chunin Exams

Chunin exams

Hey guys! Today’s list is all about the latest Chunin exams participants. I’m going to take you through the list of top 10 Strongest Characters in Boruto Chunin exams. Also, this post contains spoilers so whoever does not like spoilers please stay away from this post. So without further delay let us begin.
10. Inojin Yamanaka Boruto chunin exams
Inojin Yamanaka is the part of the new generation of Ino-Shika-Cho team. He was knocked out of the tournament by Araya in the two on two round of the Chunin exams recently. He can use both of his parents techniques, for example, animate scrolls and bring beasts to life and make clones etc. like his father Sai, and use the mind-body switch technique like Ino Yamanaka.

Boruto Chunin Exams

9. Chōchō AkimichiBoruto Chunin exams
Chōchō Akimichi is another member of the Team 10. She has the same eating appetite. She also can use her father’s techniques like Super Multi-Size technique, Human Bullet Tank technique as well as Butterfly transformation technique. She is going to go head with Shinki. However, she loses the battle pretty easily, and Shinki is holding back against her too.

8. Arayastrongest Boruto genins
Araya is a member of Team Shinki and hails from Sunagakure. He is filled with calmness and is showing excellent composure. He defeated Team 10’s Inojin Yamanaka with ease. Araya uses a sword while he fights and seems quite proficient at using Kenjutsu techniques.  We haven’t got to see all of Araya’s abilities. I’m hoping that we get to see some more techniques of Araya in the next round.

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