10 Powers The Strawhats Might Gain In Wano Country Arc

2. Roronoa Zoro Strawhats powers Wano
Roronoa Zoro was trained by Hawkeye Mihawk himself during the time skip. Zoro wants to surpass his master to become the world’s best swordsman. We have only seen him using the power of Ashura a couple of times and he hasn’t even exploited its full power yet. So, we might get to see Zoro use this ability again. Also, in my opinion, Zoro will be getting the Advanced Armament Haki as another powerup during the Wano war while fighting Kurozumi Orochi.

1. Monkey D LuffyStrawhats powers Wano
Monkey D Luffy is the fifth unofficial Yonko. He is the captain of the Strawhat Pirates. I think that finally, Luffy will awaken his devil fruit during the Wano war. This will be a humongous powerup for him as there are even theories that he might even be able to produce rubber which we haven’t seen him do yet. He already has the future sight Haki power and in addition to this, he might get another powerup he might be able to use the advanced Conqueror’s Haki in the Wano war.

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