10 Powers The Strawhats Might Gain In Wano Country Arc

6. Jinbenew powers Strawhat Pirates
Jinbe is the former Shichibukai and hails from the Fishman Island. He is an expert in Fishman Karate. In my opinion, he’s still alive and well and will meet the Strawhats at Wano while most say he’s already dead. I think that Jinbe will be using Advanced Armament Haki in Wano war as this sort of powerup will make his Fishman Karate moves even more devastating. Strawhats powers Wano Country look better and better.

5. Usoppnew powers Strawhat Pirates
Usopp is another character who has improved vastly since the time skip. We have already seen him use the Observation Haki and I certainly think that he will be getting a powerful powerup in the form of Armament Haki. Strawhats powers Wano Country look better and better. Usopp has the habit of coming up with new things and surprising everyone and I think this would be a nice surprise for all fans.

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