10 Powers The Strawhats Might Gain In Wano Country Arc

8. FrankyStrawhats new powers
Franky is a cyborg and one of the all-time funniest characters in One Piece. Franky just keeps on surprising us with the technology that he fits in his body and Sunny. Franky has already hinted that he’s working on something that will help the Strawhats to defeat Kaido. So, in my opinion, Franky will have another amazing weapon in his cyborg body that’s going to surprise us all.

7. Nico Robinnew powers Strawhat Pirates
Nico Robin is the archaeologist among the Strawhat Pirates. She has the ability to produce any part of her body from any surface whether from the ground or her opponent’s body. She’ll also need a powerup and I think that she’s also going to awaken her devil fruit. After her awakening, in my opinion, the strength of the objects she produces will increase dramatically and hence making her a handful opponent to face.

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