10 Shinobi From Naruto Who Died Too Early

There are some shinobi in Naruto series who died just too early. Some were either killed and others simply killed due to diseases. So, today I bring you a list of characters who were died too early.

10. Third Kazekage-
We begin our list with the Third Kazekage of Sunagakure. He was hailed as the strongest Kazekage of Suna. The Third Kazekage studied the markings on Shukaku and discovered magnet release and the iron sand. He was killed by Sasori who somehow tricked him.
9. Deidara-
Deidara was the youngest recruit of the Akatsuki. His talent as a shinobi attracted the interest of Akatsuki. He even devised a method to counter Sharingan’s genjutsu. Deidara was killed in the fight against Sasuke.


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