Jack is one of the three right hand men of the Yonkō, Kaido. These three are called as “Three Disasters” and Jack is one of the members of this trio. He currently has the highest known bounty in One Piece. He is an extremely powerful character in One Piece and there are only few people who can defeat him. So, today have made a list of 10 People Who Can Beat Jack The Drought

10. Aokiji
Aokiji is the former Admiral of the Marines. He possesses a Logia type of Devil Fruit called Hie Hie no Mi which allows him to create ice. Aokiji has defeated Jozu of the Whitebeard Pirates and also, Doflamingo chose not to fight him. He also fought against Akainu for many days for the seat of Fleet Admiral. Moreover, we know that Aokiji was clearly at disadvantage in this fight but even so he fought toe to toe against Akainu.

9. Charlotte Cracker
Jack The Drought
Cracker is one of the three Sweet commanders in the Big Mom Pirates. He possesses a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Bisu Bisu no Mi which allows him to create and control Biscuits. Cracker is currently the only one in the series who was able to fight Luffy in Gear Fourth state. Moreover, if Nami wasn’t there Luffy would have lost to Cracker.


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