Hey people! I’m back with yet another One Piece list. In this post I’ll be counting down the top 10 One Piece characters that might join the Strawhats in the future. Right now the Strawhats crew has 10 members and it’s obvious that Monkey D Luffy will not become the King of the Pirates with a crew this small. Thus, we are bound to see the number of crew members of Strawhat Pirates increase and here are some that have a chance of joining this future Pirate King crew.

Let’s begin the list of One Piece characters that might join the Strawhats in future

10. Carrot
new Strawhat
Carrot hails from Zou Island and is a rabbit Mink. She is still young but at the end of the Whole Cake Island she showed her potential and it does seem she’s no pushover. She first joined the Strawhats to retrieve Vinsmoke Sanji. We have seen that whoever becomes a part of this pirate crew has a hard time if they go their separate ways. I think that Carrot will not leave the Strawhat Pirates now and will join them permanently.

9. Otama
possible Strawhat
Otama is a new character introduced in One Piece. She is a resident of Wano Country who had been waiting for Ace so that she could travel the seas with him. In my opinion, to fulfill the promise Ace made Otama, after the Wano war will end Luffy will take Otama in his crew and thus fulfill the promise Ace made to Otama.

8. Caesar Clown
new Strawhats
Caesar was introduced in Punk Hazard arc and has been with the Strawhats almost since then till Whole Cake Island. It does seem that he has formed a bond with the Strawhats and has helped them out a few times even though he was forced to. Strawhats don’t have a scientist in their crew, so he’ll come in handy in future is he joins.

7. Nefertari Vivi
possible Strawhats
Vivi is the princess of Alabasta. She has traveled a bit with the Strawhats and has developed an unbreakable bond with them. She is considered to be a member of the Strawhats by Luffy and co. She couldn’t travel with them because she had to take care of her birthplace. But in the future, that could certainly change, and we might see her joining up with the Strawhats.

6. Jinbe
join the Strawhats
Jinbe is the expert, or we could say the master of Fishman Karate. He is already a member of the Strawhats Pirates, but he is presumed to be dead. To help the Strawhats escape from the Whole Cake Island he stayed back and faced the wrath of Big Mom. I still think that he’s alive and somehow was saved. So, he just needs to show up and Wano, and then we can consider him to one of the Strawhats again.

5. Pedro
join the Strawhats
Pedro also hails from Zou. He like Jinbe has presumably sacrificed his life for the sake of Strawhats. But as we know a character rarely dies in One Piece universe and this makes me think that he can make a return. If he is to return he’ll be a valuable asset to the Strawhats and will surely join the Strawhats pirate crew.

4. Smoker
the Strawhats
Smoker is one of the strongest marines around. He is a user of a Logia type devil fruit which allows him to become smoke. He has encountered the Strawhats numerous times and last time we saw him was at Punk Hazard, and he now seems to be on friendly terms with the Strawhat Pirates. It seems that his character is being built in such a way that eventually he’ll end up joining the Strawhats may be after he comes to know of the dirty secrets of the World Government.

3. Tashigi
join Strawhats
Tashigi has always been with Smoker through everything. She never leaves his side. If Smoker was to join the Strawhats I’m sure that she’ll follow too. Also, we are yet to get a flashback about her and I’m sure she’ll have a connection with Roronoa Zoro. This connection between them has been teased a lot but never stressed upon in detail. After she joins the Strawhats we might get to see her story as well.

2. Marco the Phoenix
Marco's Return
Marco is the former 1st division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He is the user of mythical Zoan type devil fruit. He is right now at a small village but in the future, he’s bound to join a pirate crew again and I don’t think that he’ll join anyone’s crew but Monkey D Luffy’s crew because of the history between them. The last order that Whitebeard gave him was to protect Luffy while in Marineford war.

1. Charlotte Katakuri
new Strawhat
Charlotte Katakuri is the strongest character in the army of Big Mom Pirates. He is a special paramecia type devil fruit user and a user of advanced observation Haki. He will be an invaluable asset to Luffy. The reason I think that he’ll join the Strawhats is that he lost to Luffy on purpose even though he was stronger than Luffy. Why, would he allow them to escape? It certainly seems that he has a soft corner for Strawhats and might join them in the future.

That is it from today’s post on One Piece characters that might join Strawhats. If you do not agree with the points in the post and have some of your own opinions, share them with us in the comments section down below. Keep visiting TheAnimeScrolls for more information about Anime, Manga and movies.

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    1. Smoker? I think it’s better if he becomes a part of an alliance with the Straw Hat crew. The latest alliance is Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai. I guess in the future it’ll be Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai-Navy-Revolutionary-Fishman alliance. And Smoker is best suited to lead the Navy in that alliance. Tashigi will probably remain in the Navy just like what happened in Alabasta where Smoker let Tashigi lead the Navy members based on her sense of justice.

      In the early parts of the anime, Luffy mentioned he wants 10 crew members. If it is to be true, then he only needs one more. If it’s mink, it’s probably Carrot. Pedro only has a short life remaining and i think he already accomplished his purpose during the Whole Cake arc. I personally want Marco the Phoenix to be the 10th, but Straw Hat crew already has a doctor. I also want Ceasar to be part of the crew. Just for the comedy part. Hehe. And he needs a lab so he’ll probably remain on land.

      Vivi… hhmmm… “something” might happen in the Reverie. She might join the Revolutionary. Just a guess. She is a princess and her father is formerly of the same level as that of the Gorosei (or a Gorosei himself… can’t remember). Based on her background and on what happened in the Alabasta Arc, her fight is nearer to that of the Revolutionary’s and will fight along side Luffy when an alliance with the revolutionary is formed.

      Otama… Depends on what will happen in the latest Arc. If Wano Kingdom will become an open kingdom, which is one of the missions of the current alliance, then probably Otama doesn’t need to be a part of the Straw Hat crew anymore.

      Katakuri… I can’t remember Luffy showing any sign/s that he wants him to be part of his crew. Yes, he has an advanced observation haki, but i don’t think Luffy wants to have a glimpse of what might happen in the future.

      it’s always fun speculating what will happen. Anyway, it’s all in Eiichiro Oda’s hands. 😛


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