10 One Piece Characters Who Might Join The Strawhats In Future

Join the Strawhats

Hey people! I’m back with yet another One Piece list. In this post I’ll be counting down the top 10 One Piece characters that might join the Strawhats in the future. Right now the Strawhats crew has 10 members and it’s obvious that Monkey D Luffy will not become the King of the Pirates with a crew this small. Thus, we are bound to see the number of crew members of Strawhat Pirates increase and here are some that have a chance of joining this future Pirate King crew.

Let’s begin the list of One Piece characters that might join the Strawhats in future

10. Carrot new Strawhat
Carrot hails from Zou Island and is a rabbit Mink. She is still young but at the end of the Whole Cake Island she showed her potential and it does seem she’s no pushover. She first joined the Strawhats to retrieve Vinsmoke Sanji. We have seen that whoever becomes a part of this pirate crew has a hard time if they go their separate ways. I think that Carrot will not leave the Strawhat Pirates now and will join them permanently.

9. Otamapossible Strawhat
Otama is a new character introduced in One Piece. She is a resident of Wano Country who had been waiting for Ace so that she could travel the seas with him. In my opinion, to fulfill the promise Ace made Otama, after the Wano war will end Luffy will take Otama in his crew and thus fulfill the promise Ace made to Otama.

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