10 One Piece Characters Who Might Have Defeated An Admiral


Admirals are the strongest Military force in One Piece and they are one the three Superpowers of the world. There are a total of three Admiral seats in the Marines and all three of them are monsters in battle. Despite their strength, there are are a few Characters in One Piece that can defeat an Admiral. So, today’s list is on the people who can beat a Marine Admiral in a fight.

Let’s begin-

10. Shanks
Shanks was the member of the Roger Pirates. After the Roger Pirates disbanded, Shanks made his own crew and then he became a Yonkō. Shanks has fought against many powerful people in his lifetime like Mihawk and Blackbeard etc. Because of that, now Shanks possesses tremendous strength which makes him one of the most powerful characters in One Piece. After seeing the power and abilities of other Yonkō like Whitebeard and Big Mom, we can say that Shanks might have defeated a Marine Admiral.

9. Kaido
Kaido is a Yonkō and he is the captain of the Beast Pirates. He is called the Strongest Creature in the World which makes him the strongest man in the World right now. It is unclear whether or not he held the title before the death of Whitebeard. Kaido can’t be killed by anyone, many have tried but have failed. He has even attempted to commit suicide several times but, he has failed. Kaido has the reputation of being immortal. He possesses tremendous physical strength with which he can send a person flying from Island to another island. He even fought against Shanks before the war of Marineford but their battle didn’t last long. Kaido being the Yonkō possesses a lot of strength and power which matches the strength of other Yonkou. Kaido has without a doubt defeated a Marine Admiral during his life as a pirate.


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