Top 10 Strongest Observational Haki Users In One Piece

Observational Haki is one of the three kinds of Haki in One Piece. It is the kind of Haki that allows a user to sense things that are beyond the comprehension of a normal human. Today, we are going to rank the Top 10 Observational Haki users in One Piece.
10. Rebecca 20160726190542
We begin our list with Rebecca, who was a gladiator of the Corrida Colosseum and the daughter of Kyros. She possesses very good Observational haki. She uses her observational haki in her fighting style that is called “Backwater Sword Dance”. Rebecca’s observational haki is strong enough to evade the attacks of Hakuba.

9. Luffy image
Next on our list is Monkey D. Luffy. He also uses all three types of haki. He hasn’t been shown using his observational haki too much. Off the top of my heaf, Luffy was easily able to dodge the laser attack of the pacifista.


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