Top 10 Naruto Characters Who Never Revealed Their True Powers

Fillers Naruto

Several Naruto Characters reached their limits and even beyond to display their true powers. However, there were a few who possessed surreal amounts of power, but, unfortunately, we never got to see those powers.
Here are 10 Naruto Characters we never saw at full power.
Let’s begin—
10. The Legendary Sannin
Full powers
Hanzo named Orochimaru, Jiraiya, and Tsunade as the Legendary Sannin during the 2nd Great Ninja War. By the time we saw them in the series, they were all over 50 and way past their prime. Seeing them in the 2nd Great Ninja War would also completely change our view of their powers.

9. Hanzo of the Salamander

Hanzo was said to be one of the strongest Ninja to ever exist. He was also able to defeat the Sannin at their PRIME. He was later killed by Pain, but that was also when he was old and his skills had waned. Someone who could defeat all three Sannin would’ve been exceptionally strong.


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