10 Naruto Characters Who Endured Too Much Pain

Many Naruto characters lived their lives bearing the burden of pain. They endured too much pain, which had an effect on them, one way or the other.
Here’s a list of 10 characters who were endured a lot of pain, in Naruto.
Let’s begin—

10. Neji Hyūga
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Neji was one of the most talented Hyūga ever. But, being a member of the branch family made him suffer. His father sacrificed his own life for him. Believing that destiny could not be changed, Neji lived his childhood in shackles, until Naruto rescued him. He ended up sacrificing his life for his cousin, Hinata.

9. Madara Uchiha
Naruto Characters
Madara Uchiha was born during the Warring States period. He befriended Hashirama Senju, but because of the family rift, he had to make him an enemy. Furthermore, all his siblings were killed. Madara endured a lot of pain, which led him to cast Infinite Tsukuyomi. According to him, that was the only way to achieve true peace.


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